For the Children

The For the Children Program is for the grandchildren of the Elders who often reside with them during various times of the year. The Native Elders would like to pass down their spiritual and cultural traditions, yet often do not have the means to do so. We have established a variety of programs to help meet various needs of children on the reservation as well as to foster understanding between cultures.

Each portion of our Program is born in the tradition of prayer for the work that we undertake. The For the Children Program has a beautiful prayer which was the inspiration for the painting done by Native artist, SilverStone, entitled "Future, Beauty and Tradition." Spirit, represented by the Elder, hovers in the background behind the older boy who represents tradition, the girl, who represents beauty, and the young boy who represent the future.

The primary goal of this program is to assist the younger generation in participating in the spiritual, educational, and cultural traditions of the Dine' or Navajo. Special ceremonies require ceremonial clothing and giveaways that the family often cannot afford. The children's program encourages young people to learn traditional ways and arts of the Navajo through activities such as the Young Weaver's activities, various contents to encourage young people to write about their culture and connect with their Elders for a better understanding of Navajo traditions.

Here are the programs we currently sponsor to help the children: