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Annual Navajo Rug Show and Sale

Weavers Group Photo 2013

Each November the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program sponsors a rug show and sale in Park City. At this event, we present the Elders' traditional weavings. During the show, there are a variety of programs centered around traditional Navajo culture. These include weaving demonstrations, dances, special entertainment, and a fund-raising auction. All proceeds from the sale of rugs woven by the Elders in the Program go directly to the weavers.

From its humble beginnings 25 years ago, with just a few rugs at the Kimball Arts Center, the Annual Rug Show and Sale has evolved into what may be the largest event of its kind in the country.

The Rug Show helps Adopt-A-Native-Elder create a market for the Elders’ crafts and raise awareness about the Elders’ needs. The Elders bring rugs, jewelry, and baskets to sell. They return home with all the proceeds from their sales. The money enables them to buy food, firewood, and hay during the winter.

2014 Rug Show Graphic

25th ANNUAL SHOW NOVEMBER 7 - 9, 2014


The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program is proud to have been able to sponsor a rug show in Park City since 1990. We dedicated our 25th annual show, Honoring Our Weavers, to our wonderful weavers, a number of whom have been coming to Park City every year since the inception of the event. The group photo at the top of the page shows the multiple generations of weavers that attended the show in 2013 and will be returning this year.

In recent years, Linda has provided the weavers with a special theme for each show which they can weave into their rugs. This year they were asked to weave a self-portrait of themselves at the loom. The borders at the top and bottom of this section show a portion of these self portraits that have been submitted. In addition the weavers were invited to create a full-sized version of the rug they depict themselves working on in the their self-portrait.

Louise Reed Rugs

Here is the pair of rugs submitted by Louise Reed. In the first she depicts herself working at her loom by her hogan. In the second we see the finished rug.

The rug show was again a great success. Attendance and sales were excellent providing our weavers and Elders with much-needed resources for the upcoming winter months. A link to a slideshow of photos from the event will be posted soon.

You can click on the link to see a slide show of photos from the show.

Click here to view poster for the rug show.

2014 Rug Show Graphic

24th ANNUAL SHOW NOVEMBER 8 - 10, 2013


Our rug show last year featured the theme Weaving Winter Stories. The winter season is a time of cultural renewal for the Navajo people. With plants and many animals asleep, there isn't quite as much need to spend time with the agrarian necessities of life. Dine' families gather at this time of year, often in their hogans, to share stories and play games. These are times when much information about history and culture are passed along to the younger generations.

At the rug show last November, the weavers were invited to create rugs that interpreted their view of winter themes of their choice. We have received many rugs, and they represent a fascinating spectrum of views about the winter season. Some represent cultural lessons associated with winter while others simply depict winter activities and scenes.

Last year's show was a great success. The auction produced record results and the weavers took a record amount of money back to the reservation from their sales. The show is an important source of support for these people, so we are proud and happy about the outcome. We also thank all of the rug show patrons who came and supported the Elders through their purchases, and we thank the many volunteers for their dedicated service which made the success of the show possible.

You can click on the link to see a slide show of photos from the show.

Click here to view the poster for last year's show.


Please consider making a donation to support the Rug Show and the work of the Program.


If you are interested in purchasing a unique, one-of-a-kind rug made by one of our weavers, please visit the Rug Catalog.