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Annual Navajo Rug Show and Sale

Teec Rugs 600px

The Rug Show helps Adopt-A-Native-Elder create a market for the Elders’ crafts and raise awareness about the Elders’ needs. The Elders bring rugs, jewelry, and baskets to sell. They return home with all the proceeds from their sales. The money enables them to buy food, firewood, and hay during the winter.

28th ANNUAL SHOW NOVEMBER 10 - 12, 2017

Our rug show this year celebrated the 28 year history of this event. Over the years we have provided an important economic support for the Elders in our program and their families. In addition the show has been a major source of information for the general public about the Navajo culture and people. All of these objectives were met by this year's show with overall sales for the event reaching a new record.

Each year we ask our weavers to produce special rugs for the show. This year they wove rugs in the Teec Nos Pos style. Three of these exquisite rugs are shown above.

To see a presentation of photos from the show please click on this link. There are many photos here so the download may take a little time.

Click here to view the poster for the rug show.


Please consider making a donation to support the Rug Show and the work of the Program.


If you are interested in purchasing a unique, one-of-a-kind rug made by one of our weavers, please visit the Rug Catalog.