The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program


The Navajo Rug Show & Sales

November 10, 11, 12, 2017
Deer Valley’s Snow Park Lodge, Park City, Utah

Sales from the Navajo Rug Show provide traditional weavers with resources for food and shelter The 28th Annual Rug Show celebrates the important role that Traditional Native American Elders serve. Over 200 volunteers donate their time and talents to the Rug Show. During each of the three days of the show, hundreds of people wind their way through tables of colorful rugs, visit with weavers and purchase their beautiful rugs, jewelry and crafts. All rug sale proceeds going directly to the weaver. Over 2,000 visitors attend our Show and participate in activities for the whole family.

Adopt-A-Native-Elder’s ability to serve is due to the generous support of individual, business and corporate donors who believe in honoring Native American Elders. Thank you for considering our request.

Many Blessings,

Linda Myers

Founder & Director, Adopt-A-Native-Elder


Who your Sponsorship supports

The Elders live a humble lifestyle and need help to care for themselves as they age. All proceeds of sales go directly to the weavers and their families to provide money to purchase food and firewood that must take them through the harsh winter months. Without the assistance from community minded individuals, just like you, we wouldn't be able to serve these Traditional Navajo Elders each year. Every donation makes a difference. Thank you!

You can start your sponsorship today by completing the forms below, or if you would like to send in your donation, you can download our PRINTABLE SPONSORSHIP FORM.

Bluebird Circle
Bluebird Flour is special flour that Elders use to make traditional tortillas and fry bread for daily use, special occasions and when provisions run short. Your support will help us deliver over 800 bags of flour to the Elders. A bag of Bluebird Flour costs $10. A sponsorship from you at this level provides flour for 10 to 100 Elders.

Hummingbird Circle
Medical Boxes contain much-needed basic, over-the-counter medications to provide comfort for Elders who get sick or experience aches and pains. Because the Elders live in such remote locations and experience inability to get to outside medical care, these medical boxes are necessities for the Elders. They greatly help with their daily care and to maintain their independent living. A Medical Box costs $35. A sponsorship from you will provide the basics needed for 30 to 70 Elders.

Golden Eagle
Most Elders live on the land. They raise livestock, grow corn and weave rugs to earn a living. The Elders work hard but generate little income. Your help is so appreciated for the over 1428 food boxes given to the Elders during our bi-annual Food Runs to the reservation. Your support will provide a $100 set of Rainbow Boxes, which supplements the Elders food supply with staples they use year-round. A sponsorship at this level provides food for 25 to 50 Elders.

Bald Eagle
Our Elders use firewood to heat their homes in the winter and to cook food year round. It takes over 10 loads of firewood to sustain just one Elder through a cold winter. You can buy loads of firewood at a cost of $100 per load. A Bald Eagle Circle sponsorship provides firewood for 50 Elders to help them cook meals and keep warm during cold winter months.