Adopt-A-Native-Elder Navajo Rug Show & Sale

For 30 years Adopt-A-Native-Elder has presented our Annual Rug Show & Sale as the only event of it’s kind in the world supporting traditional Navajo Elders.

In 2020, to ensure the health and safety of our weavers, volunteers, and Rug Show patrons, we are shifting to virtual and away from an in-person show.

The Rug Show helps Adopt-A-Native-Elder create a market for the Elders’ weaving and raise awareness about the Elders’ needs. The weavers receive all of the proceeds from the sales of their rugs.

To participate in Adopt-A-Native-Elder's Virtual Rug Show & Sale, visit our website on November 12, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. MST. Join us for traditional cultural teachings, talks on the spiritual significance of the different patterns and designs used in the weaving, and the opportunity to purchase this year's beautiful contemporary rugs created exclusively for the 2020 Rug Show.

Click HERE to make a financial donation to help keep this special event going.

Please visit 2019 Rug Show photos.

For more information please contact our office 801-474-0535.